New News

Greetings all, here is the new news, as of this post:

  1. has now moved over to a new web host. Testing will continue but everything is looking like the transfer has been successful. Thank you everyone for your patience during the move. If you find a problem or are having difficulty with something please send us the details using the contact us page.
  2. We will be upgrading for mobile access in the not to distant future. Watch for this one. Once that change has been implemented you will then be able to enjoy our website and your memberships, from your mobile devices. No longer will you need to be on a PC or Laptop, YAY!!!!
  3. New Video and Audio equipment testing for our YouTube channel videos is progressing slowly. Being a watcher of videos on YouTube myself I know the importance of at least having GOOOD audio. I will do a post once we are all set up. There will also be some other changes happening to the channel that I think you are going to like, so go now and subscribe (if you have not joined yet –¬† to stay up to date with everything their.
About Bryan

Greetings I am Bryan - seeker, journeyer, coach, creator and author, to mention a few hats I ware. I am also your admin for BridgeToLight. I am really busy right now getting ALL the memberships set up correctly and adding new content to the website for a bio here. You could check out my longer bio at

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