My 30 Day Procrastination to Productivity Challenge

Greetings all. My 30 Day Procrastination to Productivity Challenge is almost complete. As of this post we are on Day 28. Check out day 27 video on YouTube.

Although I was not as productive as I would of liked I to be the journey has reveled somethings.

  1. I still get nervous and do not look at the camera as much as I could
  2. I will continue to work on my productivity mussel
  3. A video a day is a lot of work for me, especially when I have other things to do in my life. If I was dedicated only to making videos things would be a bit less trying.
  4. This kind of challenge is a good idea, and should be done by people at some point in there lives.
  5. I need to create a better retinue for my self, regardless if I see it as mundane, and boring.
  6. I need to somehow increase my financial abundance amount, with out working even harder
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