Which Membership Is Right For You?
How About The Free One?

First let me ask you this…

  • Do you have a sense that there is more to life but you just can not seem to find what it is?
  • Have you had a hunch or intuition about something that ended up saving you time, energy, money or even your life?
  • If you had the ability right now to change the world… Would you do it?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions then you are at the right place…

Here at Bridge To Light we are helping open minded individuals (like yourself) to grow and evolve to your next level of understanding and existence. We offer several unique memberships including our FREE to join like minded community called “Friends Of Eternity“…

Friends Of Eternity Membership*

The Free to join Friends Of Eternity community is open for anyone that wants to join a like minded group. If you are just starting out on your spiritual journey, want to begin to do a simple meditation for relaxation, develop or have questions about intuitive/psychic abilities or you purchased a copy of “A Moment With Eternity” and simply want to connect with the author (Bryan) then the Friends Of Eternity Community is for you.

For simply joining our Friends Of Eternity you will Also get several terrific bonuses that you can put to use as soon as you download them from inside the members area. All the bonuses are from the published author Bryan Hood and the creator of

Bryan Hoods first book “A Moment With Eternity” has been changing lives. This recounting of some of his incredible journey has raised the bar on what it means to excel the potential of all Human-Beings.

When you join our Friends Of Eternity Community the vary First Bonus you will get access to is –

Meditation Made Easy ebookThe ebooklet “Meditation Made Easy“. This contains the vary same meditation process Bryan used to excel himself to levels beyond words (and no this is not Transcendental Meditation).



How to Make a Personal Meditation JournalBonus number two is the ebooklet “How To Make A Personal Meditation Journal“. In this ebooklet Bryan has detailed the things you will need, how to put it all together and shares how to use your journal to help you accelerate your success. Both this journal and the simple meditation procedure talked about are the two success keys Bryan is using in his personal ascension practice today.



Centered In Awareness EzineBonus number three gets you a no cost subscription to the “Centered In Awareness” ezine. When you join our Friends Of Eternity community the email address you submit will allow you to receive every issue of centered in awareness that is sent to your inbox.



Bonus four gets you 6 chapters from the book “A Moment With Eternity“. Peek into the journey of a lifetime that Bryan took (and was guided on) from the comfort of your own home today.




The Free Friends Of Eternity membership gets you all 4 bonuses PLUS –

  1. Access to a members only forum…
  2. The ability to view videos created specifically for members by Bryan…
  3. The ability to participate in other members activities (as made available)

-Do Not wait and miss out on the Fun-

 Get Your Friends Of Eternity Membership Now!


The Grounding Membership*


Have you ever wondered…
What would it be like to be psychic or how to start your Spiritual Journey?
Wonder no more, Discover the methods that may allow you to…

  • Predict the future
  • Find the deeper meanings of life
  • Communicate with spirit
  • Find lost objects
  • Increase your intuition
  • Use your abilities to help better this world
  • Connect You To Your Authentic Nature

These are only some of the things people may be able to do
after you learn and apply what is shared in the
The Grounding…

The Grounding is an entry level program that assists you with developing a solid base physically, emotionally and mentally. This base will not only help you relax it will allow you to excel your Human-Being potential faster then others that are not grounded. The Grounding membership is a self paced 4 week program (specifically designed by Bryan, based on his experiences and his book A Moment With Eternity).

Being an online program you do it in the comfort of your home that fits into your time schedule.

Here is a sneak peak at some of what is waiting for you
in the The Grounding Membership

Strategy One: Meditation
Strategy Two: C and O
Strategy Three: Beliefs
Strategy Four: Focusing
Common Psychic Functions

No longer will you have to depend on other psychics to do it fore you.
No longer will you have to deal with psychics who are charging unreal prices for a one time reading.

Fore a limited time The Grounding Membership will be available for only a one time fee of $17.00. In the future (and without any warning) the price WILL go up to $29.00 and then higher after that. So if you are the wise shopper I know you are you will Get The Grounding Membership NOW before the price increases and keep all the savings.

The simple understandings in The Grounding Membership are designed for both the beginner or pro. They will help you discover new things about yourself, the reality some people refer to as – Spirit. The Human Being connection and your psychic abilities.

ADMIN WEBSITE TESTING SPECIAL – PLAN ONE… Get The Grounding Membership NOW for only $7.00! You read that right! You WILL NOT be paying the regular price of $17.00 OR even the future $29.00 if you get your membership now while we are in the testing faze. Cut to the front of the line and get your membership now before it is to late! Once you lock in your membership at $7.00 that is all you will have ever paid for your membership. If you come back in the future after the testing is done and ask for the admin testing special the answer WILL be – Sorry You did not get it when it was available and now we are done that testing so NO you can not have it. Go now and join because when we are done our testing this admin special is gone for ever…


Psychic Soul Gym Membership*

In the Psychic Soul Gym you have access to all the content in “The Grounding Membership” PLUS you will have your development questions answered personally by spiritual coach and author Bryan Hood. Bryan will answer any questions submitted for that month in the regular question and answer sessions.

These Q and A sessions are recorded and then added into the Psychic Soul Gym members area. This means you have the benefit of listening to the answers to your questions, on your own time. You will not miss having your question answered because you are busy elsewhere and can not get to a webinar or teleconference. By Bryan answering questions in this group coaching format you can also gain more benefit from the answers to other members submitted questions.

The Psychic Soul Gym is a monthly membership of only $17.00 per month. That is less then $00.60 a day. Yes you read that correctly! Less then 60 cents a day. Now days a person can not get a decent drink for that much. Imagine that, under $00.60 a day to have access to a phenomenal training resource and access to the other exclusive Psychic Soul Gym members only content, access to group coaching time with Bryan (he normally charges a minim $20.00 per hour for in person coaching/mentoring), all this from the comfort of your own home, on your time.

In the future the price will be increased with out notice and will never be lowered because the value of the Psychic Soul Gym will only increase whth the added content. Get your monthly Membership now to lock in at $17.00 per month. Doing this now will save you $12.00 every month (that’s $144.00 a year) when the price goes up to $29.00 a month. As the membership continues to go higher you will have saved even more money by getting in NOW.

By being an active member in the Psychic Soul Gym you can get your development questions answered and be able to participate in other activities Bryan may have from time to time in the Psychic Soul Gym.

ADMIN WEBSITE TESTING SPECIAL – PLAN TWO… Get the Psychic Soul Gym Membership NOW for only $10.00 a month! That is correct you WILL NOT be paying the regular future monthly fee if you slip in the back door and get your membership now while we are in the testing faze. Once you lock in your membership at $10.00 per month (more then 50% of the regular price) that is all you will ever pay for your monthly membership subscription. If you come back in the future after we are done this testing and ask for the admin testing special the answer WILL be – Sorry You missed the boat and now we are done that testing so NO you can not have it Click the “Subscribe” button below now and join because when we are done our testing this $10.00 monthly rock bottom price for new signups is gone for ever…


Eternal Inner Circle Membership*

The Eternal Inner Circle is for serious individuals that want more of an individual personal touch. Personal one-on-one mentoring with Bryan Hood may accelerate your growth. In the Eternal Inner Circle you will get access to both “The Grounding” and the “Psychic Soul Gym” membership content. Unlimited access to Bryan by his “For You Only Private Email” and (if you would like) a pre-scheduled weekly one hour video conference over the internet.

Due to Bryan’s time schedule, his commitment and dedication to members in the Eternal Inner Circle there are a very limited number of spots available. The only way a space may open up is if someone decides to leave the Inner Circle or through other special circumstances.

The “Eternal Inner Circle” is a monthly membership that gives you personal one-on-one attention, and more access to Bryan (not available in other memberships). You will develop your intuition, discover how to better connect to our non physical natures, save years of your own researching by leveraging Bryan’s knowledge. To get your seat in the Inner Circle all you need to do is submit a request for a spot in the Eternal Inner Circle using the “Contact Us” form here, and please include – Your real name, age and contact information. What skills or training (if any) you have had in the past, and your goals you would like to achieve. Please ONLY serious applications submitted… We will review your request and email you back within a few days (after your original substitution) and let you know if you are accepted or not.

Please Note: If you are accepted you will need to pay the full investment amount at one time. There are no payment plans available at this time. Because this is a membership not a physical product any refund requests made will be for the rest of the time remaining on the membership as of the request submission date.

The investment in your personally guided journey is only $997.00 monthly. Submit a request for review using the “Contact Us” form here…

*Please note: Anny and all claims mentioned in the memberships above are based upon the author and creators personal experiences and in no way imply, promise or guaranty your personal results because everyone may have different results based on factors we or the author have no control over.