New News

Greetings all, here is the new news, as of this post:

  1. has now moved over to a new web host. Testing will continue but everything is looking like the transfer has been successful. Thank you everyone for your patience during the move. If you find a problem or are having difficulty with something please send us the details using the contact us page.
  2. We will be upgrading for mobile access in the not to distant future. Watch for this one. Once that change has been implemented you will then be able to enjoy our website and your memberships, from your mobile devices. No longer will you need to be on a PC or Laptop, YAY!!!!
  3. New Video and Audio equipment testing for our YouTube channel videos is progressing slowly. Being a watcher of videos on YouTube myself I know the importance of at least having GOOOD audio. I will do a post once we are all set up. There will also be some other changes happening to the channel that I think you are going to like, so go now and subscribe (if you have not joined yet – to stay up to date with everything their.

My Newest News

Here Is My Newest News:

– I am no longer working at Smitty’s in the Southland Mall. I am now working in the kitchen at Red Lobster.

– I have decided to develop myself as an artiest. Being 50 I won’t be able to continue doing manual labor jobs for a long time and I will need some other way to support my self in my retirement years. So watch for more details about this in following posts.

Artist Career

Greetings. I have made the decision to start a new project. It is an artist career. Although dish washing in a restaurant pays the bills it is just not cutting it. As well I am no longer a spring chicken and I will need to create another income that I will be able to do in my later years.

I have done a bit of research so far and things look doable. I personally do not like a lot of smelly and harsh solvents so I will start with water based paintings. The style is yet to be determined.

I found and just started reading a book on how to create a successful artist career. It looks promising so far.  I will keep you posted on how things are developing.

30 Day Procrastination to Productivity Challenge

30 Day Procrastination to Productivity Challenge is now over. It was successful in getting me to do a video a day but it was not as successful at keeping me clearing my space. I will continue to work on this in my spare time.

I am thinking it might take me just sitting down and planning a new schedule, with my time blocked by the hour, and the activity I will do at that time. Hmmmmmm. Just maybe. Stay tuned.

My 30 Day Procrastination to Productivity Challenge

Greetings all. My 30 Day Procrastination to Productivity Challenge is almost complete. As of this post we are on Day 28. Check out day 27 video on YouTube.

Although I was not as productive as I would of liked I to be the journey has reveled somethings.

  1. I still get nervous and do not look at the camera as much as I could
  2. I will continue to work on my productivity mussel
  3. A video a day is a lot of work for me, especially when I have other things to do in my life. If I was dedicated only to making videos things would be a bit less trying.
  4. This kind of challenge is a good idea, and should be done by people at some point in there lives.
  5. I need to create a better retinue for my self, regardless if I see it as mundane, and boring.
  6. I need to somehow increase my financial abundance amount, with out working even harder

Procrastination to Productivity Challenge restart, now day 9

greetings all. I am feeling better now. For those that have not been following my videos I had gotten sick and had to paws my challenge while I got better. Now that I am feeling better I have decided to restart the challenge.

Even though it has been almost a month (to bad I did not get a video done each of those days, I could be almost done by now) we are now on day 9.

Today’s accomplishments were: Adding and updating my YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter widgets in the side bar of this page. Have a look and tell me what you think in a comment.

Hers a link to today’s video


30 Day Procrastination To Productivity Challenge – Day 1

We need to create a time in our life to do a 30 Day Procrastination To Productivity Challenge. This challenge will assist us  to become more productive, and to move our lives forward. With this Productivity challenge I am doing it to do just that. Moving my life forward into a better experience of my existence. A more happy, peaceful, and abundantly prosperous one.  I am also doing it to assist me to become more comfortable talking to a camera.

Why do you not join me in the journey, or at least follow along to see how much of a transformation I am able to manifest. I will blog about it from time to time here but you will miss important things I will share. It would be best to follow my journey on my YouTube channel. Simply go there and subscribe to the channel now and see how I do. Even better is for you to subscribe AND join me so you to can move your life into a better more abundant future –

Curiosity a stepping stone to success

Curiosity is always within us. It is simply a matter of us re-listening to our inner knowing and following its guidance.

Check out this video below, you may just like where you will end up …

Back on line

Greetings all. As you can see the web site is finally back live. I apologize for the loooong delay. There were some technical issues that took longer then anticipated to fix. There are a few more tweaks to do that should not interfere with your enjoyment here. If you do encounter a problem please let us know by providing details here on our feedback form.

Existence is Vibration

Existence is Vibration so if your life is not going how you would like it to be manifesting look at how and what you are. Then change things so your emanations will create what you do want.

Here is a saying I have heard from different people over the years that I think sums up a complex precess: We do not get what we want, we get what we vibrate.

If you want wealth, create the vibration (feeling, thought, belief) of wealth within you. We then emanate this quality of vibration into the universe and through the law of attraction (like attracts like) we will get more of what ever we are emanating out, back as our experience of our life.