A Moment With Eternity

Have You Ever Wondered What Is The Meaning of Life?
A Moment With Eternity Has The Answer

Discover New Revelations About What it Means to Truly Be A “Human Being”…

I Will Tell You How Shortly But First Answer These Few Simple Questions For Yourself…

  • Is there something that seems to be missing from your life?
  • Have you had an intuition or gut feeling before?
  • Do you struggle through your day knowing there is more to life but can not seem to find what it is?
  • Have you had some type of psychic or weird, “not-of-the-ordinary” experience happen that you could not logically explain?
  • Do you want answers?

A Moment With Eternity Book

A Moment With EternityThe True Account of a Journey into the Heart of Creation” may help you find those answers…

Dear Fellow Seeker I want to congratulate you for finding one of the most truthfully incredible and unique pearls of wisdom in existence today. Be sure you pay close attention to what I am going to share with you here because it could change your life forever. When your copy of “A Moment With Eternity” arrives in your hands you will…

  • Discover how to properly connect with your non-physical nature for a more happy and peaceful life…
  • Find out how to become more psychic if you want…
  • Learn the simple meditation process that allowed Bryan to have the incredible life transforming experiences…
  • Discover a whole lot More than just these…


 Let Me Ask You This…
What Could You Do If You Had the
Wisdom and Knowledge of the Universe?


Greetings. I am Bryan Hood, published author, intuitive and a spiritual/psychic self-development coach.

Now some of you might be asking yourself, “Who are you and why should I pay attention to what you have to say?” This is a good and fair question.

So let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I wrote A Moment With Eternity. Do not worry it won’t take long. Then we will get right to some special limited time bonus gifts you will get when you buy your copy of A Moment With Eternity.

I was bore into a dualistic perspective family. My Dad was an atheist and Mom was a Roman Catholic. I was really launched into the unique psychic and spiritual journey at a very young age. One day in my early twenties  I had a simple question cross my mind about whether God really did exist (as the church said) and if so what exactly is it. This thought also stirred even earlier memories I had as a child that were tucked away long, long ago…

With that simple question my quest was on. I had to know the answer to that question and the now resurfacing other questions from my younger life.

Questions Like…

  • Is there really something in charge of all of creation?
  • Is there a God and if so What really is It?
  • Where is it if it does actually exist?
  • What is a Soul?
  • What is that “substance” that I knew is all around us but I could not smell, taste or touch?
  • Is there really more to life than work, eat, sleep and party?

Little did I realize at the time what kind of an intense life threatening journey I had just dedicated myself to. If at this point you are starting to think…”AGH! — not another person who is going to try and convert me to (you fill in the blank)

Hold on…

I can guarantee you that will not happen with me. People must choose for themselves their own future and path in life. What I am sharing with you was what happened to me so that you may benefit if you choose to. A Moment With Eternity is a combined sharing of knowledge from many levels of the universe and creation that most people have not yet become aware of. And no what I talk about is not from within an institutionalized perspective. Please do not get me wrong here. The Church has its place but we as a Human-Being are so much more then just that perspective. If I use religious wording from time to time is only because I have not found a better english word to describe things. So rest assured I am not going to preach or try to convert anyone.


Along my journey Spirit even shared with me answers to some of the big questions that philosophers have been pondering for centuries.

Questions like…

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • What happens to us when we die?

The Realm of Pure Potential stretched my perception of reality and the capacity of what I thought a Human Being should be, to limits I did not even know existed.

The main intensive interaction only lasted a total of 8 days and 7 nights. Well intensive is really an understatement at best — it then took over 10+ looooong years of further personal searching for the answers to describe what the experiences I endured were.

You read that right over 10 years of searching for answers to what happened in just 8 days of their guided experiences – What A Ride! Would I do it again? Having gone (in a sense) to Heaven, Hell and back I would need to seriously think it over for a while first.

Those 10 plus long years of trying to find answers incorporated study, trial and error, successes and failure, advancements and setbacks. And you know what? You can now benefit from my experiences and save yourself 10 years or more of your life and potential months, if not years of frustration!

Perhaps you may be thinking that not a lot could really happen in only 8 days. Well I live today to tell you that with the correct understandings Anything Is Possible and our measurement of Time is not a limitation as the scientists are now finding out.

Here is what Richard Fuller from Metaphysical Reviews had to say about
“A Moment With Eternity”…

A Moment With Eternity

The True Account of a Journey into the Heart of Creation by Bryan C. Hood

Finding God, Spirit or Divinity, call it what you will, is the ultimate goal, this reviewer believes. Obviously, so does Bryan C.Hood.

When I read A Moment With Eternity, I sat back, smiled and nodded in appreciation of the author’s success. Here is his journey in his beautifully written and engaging new book.

“The time had to come to allow myself to fully open, to what, it didn’t matter. I felt protected and assisted.” So began the conclusion to his search and so began an adventure of biblical stature. “I began to become aware of the white light, as it increasingly permeated the colorless energy…I re-entered the room where I left the physical body. I heard the body breathing and slowly I integrated back into it.

“Mr. Hood continues, “The words in this book hold many levels of truth, that you will see as you expand within your personal level of understanding.” With that, the reader is transported through the stages of integration and development of the refined self. These same words, over the course of time, can enable you to discover new insights you never noticed before. A Moment With Eternity, therefore, lives and grows as we do. Each re-reading adds additional insight into the search and knowledge of the Divine Kingdom.

In this reviewer’s opinion, Bryan Hood has given us an excellent roadmap to discovery!

Richard Fuller, Senior Editor Metaphysical Reviews www.metarev.com

Thank you Richard. I do appreciate it…

Before we continue I have one simple thing to ask you. I need your help to get the word out A Moment With Eternity is here.
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The Time is Now…

All the years of my searching, training and teaching helped me to recognize the signs. Those signs now indicate to me the time is NOW for these understandings Spirit and the Creation graciously shared with me to now be made available to the general public.

Are you ready to step into Eternity? 

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Your life will never be the same!

“A Moment With Eternity” is a Unique 2-Part Book that Can Change Your Life…

All the in-depth notes from the original experiences I was put through have been organized into an easy-to-follow progressive sequence.

In the first half of A Moment With Eternity called “The Awakening” you will re-experience with me the journey most people are too busy or too scared to have.

In the second half, “The Explanation“, we will go chapter-by-chapter, experience-by-experience and I will explain what occurred. The explanations are drawn from the many years of my personal searching and exploration for answers to what originally happened.


You Can Now Benefit from my mistakes and learning’s, saving you from hardships and time-wasters that I had to endure…

Purchase your very own copy of A Moment with Eternity and it will help you to…

  • Discover how to do the simple meditation I used (and still do) that will connect you deeper with your non-physical nature and our source…
  • Understand what an Aura is and how to use it to help change the world…
  • Take control of your destiny…
  • Develop your natural psychic abilities if you choose to… Abilities like… Telepathy, Precognition, Psychometry, Remote Viewing, Aura Perception, the list goes on…
  • Understand what “God” or the “Source” wants for us Human Beings…
  • Gain many more insights that will help those who dare to expand their understanding…

Just Imagine What You Could Do…

With the information (gained from psychic perception and a deeper connection within the self), the practiced skills learned from A Moment With Eternity, I am able to change things in my life and environment to better others and my self, before they actually happen…regularly.

People who were skeptical but open minded and not afraid to receive the information that I received from Spirit tell me how helpful it has been. Do you know people in your life that could use a bit of help?

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Here is what Others Who Have Used or Read the Book, A Moment With Eternity Have to Say…

From Donna Wolf Gatti…

“A Moment With Eternity” is an honest and heartfelt look at a segment of Bryan C. Hood’s life. Well written and easy to read, it is a sincere account of a most interesting spiritual journey. I highly recommend this delightful book. Donna Wolfe Gatti, author of “When Angels Speak” and “Angels and Alchemy”www.angelacademy.com

From Eugenia Argue…

“A Moment with Eternity” is exercising the belief of a true account of “Human Consciousness” leading to Super-conscious activity. Moments experienced in eternity are rare but can be superbly advanced through the desire to know the Divine Kingdom within, expressing & acknowledging the wisdom of who we truly are. Eugenia Argue, Regina, Canada – Spiritualist and Meditation Instructor

Would you like to be a success story?


Here’s a Peek Into Eternity…

A Moment With Eternity

The True Account of a Journey into the Heart of Creation


Hi. Welcome into this part of my life.

One day, in my early teens, while I was sitting on my bed, in our newly built house, I began thinking to myself these two things:

1) “It would be really nice if a person could re-establish balance back within people, by using this substance that is all around us, instead of only physically touching them in some way, as our western medical doctors do.” I seemed to possess a knowledge of the existence of something around myself and everything else. At that point, I could not see, smell, taste, or touch it. To me this “substance” was not physical, but I sensed it was real and it contained a kind of solidity.

2) “There just has to be more to life than working, eating and sleeping, with some entertainment thrown in to break up the routine.” I definitely knew there was more to life, but did not have any idea as to what it was. Little did I realize at the time that these two profound statements would set the pattern for some of my life purposes.The concepts of this book are what I have found, and to my surprise have been revealed to me, by the unseen factor that still stirs a sense of awe and humbleness within myself.

The experiences of my journey then catapulted me into searching for the answers to what I went through. These writings are presented from my perception of reality, after the experiences themselves. I would like you to remember that I am not saying that this is the only way or the best way for you. This is the way I went and if you are able to gain assistance in some form, from my experiences, fine. If not, that is perfectly all right also.

With the sudden awareness of the “New Age” explosion, you may come to the conclusion that this is a large piece of fiction I pulled out of the cosmic toilet, using information from the resource material I have listed at the end. Since my experiences, I have become aware of the power of the imagination to make up things. For example, a person reads a book or hears of someone else going through something, and then the individual finds himself or herself going through exactly the same things, but here they are only playing within their mind. For me, however, believe it or not, things were not that way. First, I had the experiences — then the years of hard and sometimes painful research for the answers about what happened.

Within these pages, I will again experience, with you, some of the so-called esoteric or secret things. We shall attend dream school, traverse dimensions, shake the hand of what some call God, The Force or Creator, as well as come face to face with who knows what else. I will try to explain what I lived through in the second portion of the book. I have also included some simple procedures for self-development, both in the physical level, as well as in the places beyond.

I have tried to present the material in this book as accurately as possible and do not claim one hundred percent accuracy. As I am not a degreed scientist, physician, psychotherapist or the like, please take my words as information only. I leave it up to you to seek out any professional assistance you may require for yourself or situation.

If you choose to use any of the material in this book, I would strongly suggest that you also seek out many other professionals schooled in the areas that you have interest in. For example, one does not take an automobile to a medical doctor for a tune-up. I present this idea because I didn’t have any support people that I could call up, to talk with about different things. You could say, I went through the school of hard knocks (and some knocks are very much more difficult to recover from, than others).

Wishing you a slow, steady integration of your own knowingness, with activation from your innermost center.

Peace, Love & Light, Bryan



In the Second Half of “A Moment With Eternity”
You will Discover the Answers to These Questions (And Others)…

  • How do you increase your Intuition? Page 87
  • Is Self Observation really the Road to Enlightenment? Page 89
  • Why Meditate? Page 103
  • How can you learn to sense the Aura? Pages 121-124
  • Can you really have an Out of Body Experience? Pages 125 – 127
  • Are Vibration Realities an efficient use of space? Pages 137-141

Want the answers?
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To Bee or Not to Bee eBook by John Penberthy (3 Free Chapters)

“To Bee or Not to Bee is the story—clever and spiritually sophisticated—of a worker bee who transcends the mindless tedium of life in a honeybee colony”.

Bonus 5


“Transformational Thoughts” eBook by Bryan C. Hood (His second book in the PDF Version) “Transformational Thoughts” is a collection of 47 unique spirit-inspired thoughts that explore many different aspects of ourselves. You also gain powerful instructions on how to best use them to stimulate lasting change from within.




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That is it in a nutshell. You can choose to benefit from my experiences or try to go it alone for 10 + More years…

Now it is up to you to choose, The Fast Track or the long way…

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Until next time…


P. S.
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P. P. S.
Below are some of the things (but not all) that I have provided for groups and individuals over the years as a result of the experiences Spirit gave me…

  • Private Psychic Readings
  • The giving of messages from deceased loved ones to their living relatives
  • Reiki Treatments
  • Guided Meditation Sessions
  • The helping of others to connect and use their psychic abilities
  • Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch Treatments
  • Metaphysical Consultations

What will you do with your abilities?

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