30 Day Procrastination to Productivity Challenge

30 Day Procrastination to Productivity Challenge is now over. It was successful in getting me to do a video a day but it was not as successful at keeping me clearing my space. I will continue to work on this in my spare time.

I am thinking it might take me just sitting down and planning a new schedule, with my time blocked by the hour, and the activity I will do at that time. Hmmmmmm. Just maybe. Stay tuned.

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Greetings I am Bryan - seeker, journeyer, coach, creator and author, to mention a few hats I ware. I am also your admin for BridgeToLight. I am really busy right now getting ALL the memberships set up correctly and adding new content to the website for a bio here. You could check out my longer bio at http://bridgetolight.com/about-bryan-hood/

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